Dogen tool is created to help software architects, developers and technical writers create quality up-to-date documentation with no pain.

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A software architect, developer, technical writer or just a good man, probably like you...

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Write your own concept documents using DITA. Documents like architecture overviews, introduction parts, UML diagrams, etc...

Dogen tool generates DITA documents (DITA topics and maps) based on your interfaces, models, database tables and stored procedures, test-cases...

Your interface and model definitions, database tables or procedures or test cases.
Supports :
WSDL/XSD, Swagger, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, soapUI Test Suites

Put all your DITA topics together and make your own document structure based on DITA maps.

Build your final documents with DITA framework. Also you can deploy your own build server that able to automatically build and publish final documents to Web portals (Wiki, Web-sites, ...)

Published or builded final end user documents in PDF, DOC, or in any other file formats supported by DITA framework ...

Not just a tool ...

It's a philosophy that helps you focus on primary and creative part of technical documentation. Usually, the basic approach looks like:
  • Write your own concepts in DITA
  • Prototype your concept as interfaces, models, database schemas, test cases with additional comments (docummented API and models)
  • Generate (annoying, but usually required) part of documentation based up on your prototypes
  • And eventually, put them all together in one structured document

DITA based ...

The tool is designed specially for DITA based documenting style. If you are not familiar with DITA, start here. DITA provides you very stunning features like content reuse, flexible structure, references and filters. The documenting process with DITA is really similar to compiling and building sources code. Although it's not really too hard to learn DITA, especially if you use specialized DITA editors like this

Some part of your DITA sources could be created by yourself, other parts you can generate with Dogen. Final documents (PDF, DOC, ODT, HTML, etc) you should build with DITA framework (processor). Also you can build and publish your documents with a build-server (it is easy to build it by yourself).